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MegaMining - Cloud Mining Script


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MegaMining - Cloud Mining Script


Rich Featured Cloud Mining Script. MegaMining offers you the opportunity to start your online mining business with all the necessary tools you require. Complete management system with responsive design, and automatic payment gateways (crypto or cards).

Cloud mining brings the principle of outsourcing computational work to cryptocurrency mining, the process of running powerful computers that mine for coins like bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin. Instead of buying expensive computers to mine these coins yourself, you can rent the computing power of a specialized miner from a cloud mining company.

You can view all the capabilities of the script as admin and user before purchase:
Admin/User Email:Β [email protected]
Admin/User Pass: admin

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βœ“ Full Responsive Design

βœ“ Multi or Single language Supported (Default is English)
βœ“ KYC Verification ( Driving License, Passport, National ID)
βœ“ Coin Management
βœ“ Coin Price Ticker
βœ“ Plan Management
βœ“ Featured Rich Plan Facilities
βœ“ Manual & Automatic Network Stats
βœ“ Plan Sale Investment Log
βœ“ Informative Sale Summary
βœ“ 10+ Automated Payment Gateways
βœ“ Realtime Notification
βœ“ Email Notification
βœ“ Referral Bonus for Deposit
βœ“ Referral Banners
βœ“ Informative Dashboard
βœ“ Manage Logo & SEO Facilities
βœ“ Multiple Crypto Wallet Payout
βœ“ Manage User
βœ“ Support Ticket
βœ“ Transaction Log
βœ“ Payout Log
βœ“ All Dynamic Contents.
βœ“ Contact Form & ReplyΒ 
βœ“ Telegram Button
βœ“ 2FA AuthenticatorΒ 
βœ“ Page System
βœ“ Responsive Design for All Devices.
βœ“ Modern browser support.
βœ“ Cross-browser compatibility.
βœ“ Most Powerful Admin & User interface.
βœ“ Clean & Easy Code Structure
βœ“ 24X7 Support
βœ“ Easy Documentation
βœ“ TOS & Privacy Policy
βœ“ FAQ Management
βœ“ Tawkto Live Chat Plugin
βœ“ Google captcha & Analytics

User Features
βœ“ User Notification System.
βœ“ 10+ Automated Gateways
βœ“ Mining returns notification
βœ“ Transaction Log
βœ“ Withdrawals History
βœ“ Payments History
βœ“ 2FA Security
βœ“ Support Tickets
βœ“ Profile & Password Update
βœ“ KYC Verification
βœ“ Referral System
βœ“ Convert Referral to Balance System

Admin Features
βœ“ Informative Admin Dashboard.
βœ“ Realtime Statistics For Admin.
βœ“ KYC Verification ( Driving License, Passport, National ID)
βœ“ Coin Management
βœ“ Plan Management
βœ“ Multiple Plan Facilities
βœ“ Plan Sale Investment Log
βœ“ 10+ Automated Payment Gateway
βœ“ All Transactions Record
βœ“ User Management
βœ“ User Email Notification
βœ“ Website Basic Controls
βœ“ Website Content Management
βœ“ Email Configuration
βœ“ Logo & SEO Management
βœ“ All Content Management
βœ“ Page Management
βœ“ Referral Commission Management
βœ“ Referral Banners
βœ“ Profile & Password Update
βœ“ Global Notifications for Users System
βœ“ Reply to Emails received from Contact Form




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