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Royex - HR and Payroll Management Software

Royex is a Human Resource and payroll management software. For maintaining HR & Payroll department of any company

Human Resource and payroll management



Role Management

Changing Password

Employee Management




Employee Manage




Employee Permanent

Leave ManagementSetup

Manage Holiday

Public holiday

Weekly holiday

Leave type

Earn Leave configure

Leave Application

Apply for leave

Public holiday

Leave Application

Leave Report

Summary Report

My Leave Report


Manage Work Shift


Daily Attendance

Monthly Attendance 

My Attendance Report

Summary Report 

Manual Attendance  


Tax Rule Setup

Late Configuration



Monthly Pay Grade

Hourly Pay Grade 

Salary Sheet Generation


Payment History

My Payroll

Manage Work Hour

Approve Work Hour

Manage Bonus

Bonus Setting

Generate Bonus

How to setup or Install

1) Screenshot(Step 1): Login to your Cpanel/VPS/Hosting Panel, Create MySQL Database, Create New User & Add/Grant user to the Database. You can follow this tutorial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSdbNoW2f-c

2) Screenshot(Step 2): Go to PHPMyAdmin, select your newly created Database, go to import & import “hrms.sql” from folder downloaded_project_folder->db->hrms.sql.

3) Now from the File Manager of your hosting go to the corresponding directory where you want to install Laravel Backend. You can use domain root, directory & sub-domain too.

4) Use file from belontor.zip.

5) Upload zip, extract zip file on the corresponding directory(maybe some .htaccess configuration changing needed, depends on your hosting environment).

6) Screenshot(Step 3): Edit .env file from Laravel Root

APP_NAME: Your Backend App name

APP_URL: Root URL of your Backend App

DB_HOST: Host of your Database(Usually or localhost)

DB_PORT: Port of your Database(Usually 3306)

DB_DATABASE: Database Name

DB_USERNAME: Username of your Database User

DB_PASSWORD: Password of your Database User

Make Sure You Have Selected PHP version above 5.6.4

Advantage of Royex

Nice and Simple Design

Dashboard with whole software at a glance

Same Panel for both employee and admin

Fast data load

Used store procedure and view for smoothness

Ajax pagination

Live data filtering

Smooth Report and PDF generating

Server Requirements

PHP >= 5.6.4n

OpenSSL PHP Extension

PDO PHP Extension

Mbstring PHP Extension

Tokenizer PHP Extension

XML PHP Extension



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