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MyAdServer - AdNetwork Platform V3.0


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MyAdServer - AdNetwork Platform V3.0

MyAdServer is a powerful advertising platform for an advertising agency. If you are looking for an advertising platform, our platform will help you create a rich advertising service. In MyAdServer Script – advertisers, publishers list their ad spaces on ad network and advertisers purchase those ad spaces. 


Several Ad Formats

Ad network script supports several ad formats like text ads, photo text ads banners. You can create more ads how you want.

Unlimited Advertisers & Publishers & Ads

The system supports unlimited advertisers, publishers and advertisements. I have optimized system to delivery ads effectively. The only threshold is your server performance and mysql database performance.

Support Multiple Language

I offer multiple languages support for the script. This way you can have your website in different languages to have a broader reach. You can edit language files from within the browser. In this version included only English version, and if you want you can create a new language for your website.


  • Advertiser create unlimited ads
  • Advertisers create unlimited campaigns
  • Advertisers pay to ads online using paypal payment
  • Publisher can create channels
  • Publisher can create ads for website
  • Publisher Make Money by adding the code into their websites
  • And more other...


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  • User demo: 

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