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Unprofessional - Multivendor Video Course Selling PHP Script


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I always believe in Practicals. So, I don't put here the list of Features in text and that's it. Let's Come with me for the Tour of 1010 Development Hours of Project with Images.








Demo Credentials [ OTP : 1234 Everywhere ]

Admin Panel Link : 

Hidden Content

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Admin Email : *****@*****.com

Password : 123456

Admin Panel is Read Mode Only - You can only send payouts to User on Next Month when Send Payout Button is automatic available.

User Panel Link : 

Hidden Content

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Author Usernames Login  : php , android , wordpress , animation , python

Author Password : 123456

Buyer Usernames Login : user , user1 , user2 , user3 , user4 , user5 , user6 , user7 , user8 , user9 , user10 , user11 , user12

Buyer Password : 123456

Blocked User : blockeduser , newblockeduser   [ Cannot Login at any cost via this Usernames ]

Blocked User Password : 123456

Note : You cannot change passwords, change usernames or about us for above Authors & Buyers. Mean You cannot do anything from UserId 1 to 19

Note : You can do From UserId 1 to 19 is Comment, Purchase , Comment Reply or Create Forum Topic

Original Users : SignUp with your Email ( For Email Notifications )

Password like : Test1234 or User1234

Stripe & Paypal Payments

Sandbox Payment Details

Paypal User Email : *****@*****.com

Paypal Password : user@user

Stripe Card Details

To test the Stripe Payment, use the following test card numbers, a valid future expiration date, and any random CVC number.

    4242424242424242 – Visa
    4000056655665556 – Visa (debit)
    5555555555554444 – Mastercard
    5200828282828210 – Mastercard (debit)
    378282246310005 – American Express
    6011111111111117 – Discover


Download Link =  


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